TransFormación 2014 & 2015 – IDB (LMK)


TransFormación is an event held in different countries of Latin America, led by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and supported by the British Council, government of Australia, TAFE Directors (Australia), Korea and EU-LAC.

We have been traveling to five different countries in Latin America with experts in education and qualification systems. During these events, we did forums, lectures and diagnosis in every country we visited, reflecting on different ways to improve productivity and skills.

In conjunction with the IDB, we made twenty different videos in which we documented various opinions and reflections from the participants, experts, and government officials, and we developed videos with each country specialist on this topic. Finally, we filmed in-depth interviews with experts from the British Council, TAFE Directors and CEDEFOP who shared with us their knowledge and reflections regarding these key factors (skills and education systems), which contributes to development in our region.

Do not forget to check Labor Market´s youtube channel and their blog Facto Trabajo where you can find more videos and articles related to these topics.


2014 Summary:


The Bahamas:






El Salvador



Director: Diego Mosquera Soto

Editor: Laura Chitiva

Motion Graphics: Camilo Herrera

Music: Gustavo Rincón

IDB Project Supervisor: Esteve Sala