Son of the Land


Hijo de la Tierra Trailer from Diego Mosquera (Ponkys) on Vimeo.

Winner “Best Documentary Short film 2013” at Festival de Cine de Neiva “Cinexcusa”

Gustavo Zapata (61) is the oldest guide in the Tatacoa’s desert (Huila, Colombia). His life develops in a non-exciting routine in Villavieja and when tourists demand isn’t enough for his minimum wage, he uses to accept labours as a corpse embalmer. It’s now 42 years since he started his profession as a guide. Now as part of a cultural legacy he hopes to leave all his knowledge and experience to his closer friends.

Directed by: Diego Mosquera

Gustavo Zapata y Mi persona. from Diego Mosquera (Ponkys) on Vimeo.